Shaker style custom kitchen design

'Shaker Style' - Natural materials and the art of the hand-made

The 'Shaker Style' born of the Quaker movement from the 1700s, this well known aesthetic is encircled by a rich set of design principles - rooted not in architecture or natures inspiration but in religious belief.

Focused on purpose and function over ornamentation and decorative detail, where the practice of simplicity is a prayer in and of itself - when these principles are honoured the shakers believed they would be lead to the most beautiful form.  The beauty of the piece comes from its ability to work well.

The natural materials dovetail with honorable craftsmanship in an expression of servitude and faith - this commitment to quality was an act of faith. 

This lack of indulgence and discipline in design has endured and is still very relevant in the current vernacular - simple uncluttered interiors with fewer 'things', not 'reductionist' but disciplined.  

The 'Shaker Style' is a plyable ceative language - contiually re-thought and re-made in our modern interiors.




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